This man’s friends glued their pubic hairs to his face on his bachelor party


In what’s got to be the worst makeover ever, Mark Longley from Crawley in West Sussex, spent his bachelor party with pubic hair literally glued to his face. A bachelor party tradition is humiliation of the groom but these guys took things one step further. Mark
was also forced to wear clown shoes, had his feet duct taped together and was stuck in a wheelchair. A cabbage was also involved at one point. In a Facebook post, the best man, Steve West, revealed some of the antics, writing: “Last year my good friend, Mark, asked me to be his best man.

I was honored and thought it was very nice of him…. but also very silly of him because he’s now on his stag do, on a train to Bognor, gaffer taped to a wheelchair, in just a pair of incontinence pants, clown shoes, silly socks, a penis drawn on his chest and lots of strangers writing on him. He has many of his friends pubes glued to his face.

He’s also holding a cabbage that is his best friend for the weekend. If he drops it or puts it down he’s going to be doing forfeits. Personally I think he looks like a bit of a plonker. Want to say a special thank you to everyone that donated their pubes. It’s for a great cause.”….. Tiwa Savage’s female friends said they also wanted to do something like ds for her during her bachelorette’s eve bt cldnt get enough pubes…… Friends of Chidinma ( Miss Kedike ) say they’d do a female version for her weneva she does her bachelorette’s eve n av already started contributing their pubes….

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