Indian mother places advert for a husband for her son


It’s being called India’s first advertisement for a gay marriage. The problem is that gay marriage is illegal in India and is punishable with anything up to a life sentence. Harish Iyer, 36, the bride in question, is a prominent gay rights activist based in Mumbai. He was
also the only Indian mentioned in Guardian’s list of 100 most influential LGBT people in 2013.


He said: “My mother is like any other mother. She wanted to find me a partner and help me settle down. It became news only because I was looking for a man instead of a woman. She thinks I need to settle down as I am growing old. I’m proud of her. It was her idea. My mum was like: ‘You don’t have a boyfriend, you’re not so young.’ She was concerned for her aging son like any mum would be irrespective of whether he is gay or not. So far, I have received 6 responses to the advert.”….. May God grant him and all females willing to marry, God-fearing husbands…..

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