Housekeeper arrested in Malawi for pretending to be a woman for 8 months


The 27-year-old man posed as a woman to secure a job as a house keeper in Area 36 of Capital City Lilongwe. He fooled his boss for 8 months but was arrested after stealing some household items. His employer’s daughter, who was sharing make-up and

styling tips with him, had once noticed him acting suspiciously. .

She reported him to her parents who later assured her that it was probably nothing to worry about. He later decided to pack and run before he was confronted. Police were called when the employer discovered some valuable items missing. There was no evidence that he ever came into contact with kids while on the job.


He was using his wife’s clothes and bras which he would fill up with some materials to have people believe that he had breasts. His wife said she was informed of his plan. He has been charged with identity fraud, stealing personal property, and obtaining work by deception…. he is now begging d public to pls contribute money for him to secretly do a sex change surgery so dt he cld win d case in court. I feel for him. Such a handsome young man……..

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