Beyoncé in real big trouble as another person, a Nigerian, accuses her of stealing her look and song concept


One of the most popular artist in USA and Nigeria, 27-year-old Chicago based Nigerian artist, Titilope Ademokun aka Titi ‘LoKei’ is going all out to make the world know that she has also fallen victim of Beyoncé’s style-jacking ways. And the news has made its way to one of the

biggest USA gossip sites, BallerAlert.


She is claiming that Beyoncé stole the style of the custom made Chicago Bulls swimsuit she wore in the video of her 2013 song “Black bottles” and used it in the recent video she shot with Nicki Minaj. She also says Beyoncé stole the concept of her song “Bow Down” which is in her, Titi’s album and used it for her own song “bow down bitches”…. d whole USA is currently in shock as a result of d shocking revelation wch may likely end Beyoncé’s already dead career. So sad…… Gist credit: @Adaigbo1

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