Lade Jinadu gives account of how a girl died after lying to a doctor.


He took to his Twitter page to share the rather sad experience his mom intimated him about. Read and learn.


Continue from the picture: “It was obviously from an ectopic pregnancy. Immediately, they called the gynecologist on call (which took a while). By that time, the girl was already in shock. Shock that could have been avoided if she didn’t lie about her sexual history because it would have been a gynae case right from the onset but about an hour was wasted trying to fix an appendix that wasn’t broken.

Eventually the problem was fixed but she died on the ward because she had lost way too much blood. The moral of this very long story, don’t lie to ur doctor especially when u are very ill. Just don’t.”…. unless u r dealing wt a witch doctor who will find out d truth on his or her own……

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