Man narrates how Nigerians left an accident victim bleed to death


He gave the grueling account on Twitter last night. And


He continued thus: …..Dude bled to death, right on the expressway. Granted, it isn’t a busy area with that many people, but people were riding past on bikes & all. Even one of the bike men that we boys use in this our area said he saw them, and he rode past, that he didn’t know it was AB.

So I said even if it wasn’t Ab or anyone you know, you see people bleeding from an accident, & you just ride past without even stopping to help? Like, How??? Where’s empathy? Whatever happens, police matter or whatever, we will deal with it AFTER the victims are catered for. What happened at the hospital is another story entirely; they bring in an accident victim, doctors on call were at Owambe.

He needed a dental consult, because his jaw and facial whatever were all fractured; his mouth had gone down, and couldn’t close. Nobody attended to him until his Dad, who’s an Oga Medical Doctor sef, arrived FROM ANOTHER TOWN, 2 HRS AWAY! It was when his Dad spoke with them that they left their Owambe and came and attended to him. No, this didn’t happen at a public hospital; it was a private hospital.

His Dad had to take the phone from the guys on duty and identify himself before the doctors left their Owambe and came to attend to him. Then the man requested that he be referred to OAUTHC which is where he is currently, & he’s responding to treatment after multiple surgeries. See ehn, this country is gone….. either till November or too soon…..

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