Leave him alone, we had sex twice by mutual consent – 14-year-old girl insists.


Jibola has said she willingly had sex in a hotel with Abib Muftau, 19, who had been dating her since 2014. She made the confession after the police arrested Abib, for unlawfully having a carnal knowledge of her. Abib was also accused of
conniving with one other person at large, around 7pm on May 2, to detain the girl at his residence where he had another round of sex with her.

Jibola returned home late on the fateful day and was quizzed by her mother. She eventually divulged her whereabouts to the mother, who then got Abib arrested. The police said Abib made love with Jibola sometime in October and December, 2014, without her parents’ consent. It was also said he lured her into the relationship with a marriage promise. .
In her statement, Jibola said, “I know Abib. He started dating me last year September and since our relationship started, he had made love with me twice. The first time was in a hotel. It was one hour he booked for and he paid N500. He only did it once. In October, 2014, he had sex with me again in his room when his mother, brothers and sisters were not around.” Abib was arraigned in an Apapa Magistrate’s Court on 3 counts bordering on unlawful sexual intercourse and abduction…. He says Jibola is jst like all Nigerian girls who r numerically younger than their mothers bt sexually and biologically older n dts wot matters….

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