Igbos in Dallas protest against US based Nigerian doctor who posted hateful words against them


Following the threats from the Oba of Lagos against the Igbos resident in Lagos State in the buildup to the governorship election, cardiologist, Dr Ariyo Adeniran posted some hateful words against the Igbos, in support of the Oba, on Facebook. A
petition has already been filed against him through change.org calling for his license to be withdrawn.

Now the Igbos based in USA has taken their protest to his work place in Dallas, calling for his sack. Dr Ariyo Adeniran, the son of a king in south-west Nigeria, is currently facing disciplinary actions from Texas Medical Board after he failed to appropriately interpret the signs indicating the misplacement of the lead following a pacemaker placement procedure.


Facebook has also taken down his page following thousands of complaints they received and may face further charges if the Texas Medical Board rules on further disciplinary actions against him. He officially apologized weeks back….. n set to come to Lagos next month to prostrate for at least 2.4m Igbos one after d other 2show he really regrets his actions……

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