Lagos Court jails American for pinging in court


Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia of Federal High Court, Lagos, today jailed Megan Chapman, Co – Executive Director, Community Legal Support Initiative for operating her mobile phone in court. She was seated at the last bench, directly facing the judge, and did not
know that the Justice was noticing her romancing her phone.

Angry Ofili-Ajumogobia first walked her out of the court before sentencing her to jail. She jailed her for 20 minutes in a waiting cell and later ordered her release following appeals from lawyers in court. Confirming the incident, Chapman said: “I was replying an urgent message. It was not like I intentionally disrespected the court but I have learnt my lessons.

I have apologised to the court for my action. The prison officers were kind to and treated me well in the short period I was there.”…… although she is now an ex-convict n can’t run for any political post again in life, she thanked Ofili for not ordering her deportation to USA wch would av been like sending her out of heaven to hell….

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