Ghanaian politician quits Facebook after receiving backlash for calling Yvonne Nelson a prostitute


Yvonne was on a show some days back and used the opportunity to speak out against the current poor power situation in Ghana and lunched a campaign called #dumsormuststop on Twitter. Dumsor or more appropriately Dum Sɔ is a
popular Ghanaian term used to describe persistent electric power outages.

But the ex-aide to Ghana Chief of Army Staff, Haruna Alidu, took to Facebook to insult the actress and other celebs. He insinuated that celebrities who are not married at age 30 are irresponsible prostitutes. Immediately Yvonne saw the post, she took to Twitter to say: “If what I’m reading from Halidu Haruna is true, then Ooo my goodness! I understand why we are here, in this place as a country!


I can’t believe a leader, a grown man in this country will say such a thing. He should be ashamed of himself. We have a long way to go GHANA! The movement won’t stop until dumsor stops | watch this space! I can’t believe there are Ghanaian celebrities on social media pretending not to have seen OUR movement! God is watching all of you.” Alidu later apologized and quit Facebook….. jst thank God u didn’t try ds in 9ja. When d about 700k single female celebs closer to 40yrs than to 30 finish wt u, u’d av quit ds world. Mscheeeeeeeeeeeew……

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