Ogogoro ( Local gin ) made me go blind — Survivor of methanol poisoning.


Some people died mysteriously in Ondo State recently and their death was initial said to be caused by an angry god. Medical experts later discovered that it was due the methanol they took while consuming a local gin. Some of the victims were
rushed to University College Hospital, UCH, Ibadan.

While narrating his experience, Jero said: “By the time I was brought here, I had gone blind. I could not identify my wife, I could not identify anything. I did not even know when I arrived here. But now I can see all of you here clearly.” A Professor at UCH, yesterday, confirmed that 5 victims of the methanol poisoning had regained their sight. He warned people to be wary of taking local gin so as to avoid similar experience…. adding dt if u can’t afford to pop champagne, jst keep popping ur collar……

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