Nigerian U.S-based nurse arrested after boiling 22-month-old baby


Oluyemisi Adebayo, 54, was nabbed Wednesday as she was about to board a plane to Nigeria and leave behind her coldblooded crime. She was on her second day at the job of caring for Naomi Mondesire at the child’s home in Rosedale. The
premature toddler was born at just 25 weeks and needed a tracheotomy tube to breathe.

Around 7:25 p.m. on Saturday, Adebayo, a licensed practical nurse, submerged little Naomi in water boiling at 130 degrees centigrade for 30 seconds. Naomi died on Monday. Naomi’s grandmother Gardite Mondesire, said: “When I got home, my tenant was running around picking up pieces of skin. It was all over the floor. It was all over the tub. When I called Yemisi, she said ‘It’s bad. I did something bad. The baby got burned. I didn’t know how.”

Naomi’s grieving mother struggled to find the words to describe her loss. She said Naomi was her only baby and she suffered two miscarriages before Naomi was born. Yemisi, a licensed nurse practitioner of more than 16 years, could face life imprisonment if convicted…… she says she hopes she’d still b allowed to rock her gele ( head tie ) once in a while inside prison…..

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