Man arrested for always removing women’s teeth during sex because he likes his women toothless


Philip Lyle Hansen, a New Zealander, is facing 11 charges of wounding with intent to injure 4 women by extracting their teeth with pliers, rape, cutting their toes, and unlawful sexual connection. The crimes took place between 1988 and 2011. One of the victims said she had been drinking in the back of his car when he removed 6 of her bottom teeth, with a pair of pliers during sex, while pinning her to the car door.

She had to tell her parents she had had an accident because she could not hide what had happened. Hansen later arranged for her to visit a dentist to have all her teeth removed, which she did. She said he was controlling and manipulative sexually. He prevented her from seeing her family. .

Had her head shaved because he did not like her hair. He always dressed her in short skirts with no underwear. He was determined to have a relationship with a woman who had no teeth because he was always after oral sex. He doesn’t have any teeth himself….. d only good thing about him is dt he didn’t subject any of them to extreme domestic violence……

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