GEJ, Sambo, non-returning federal lawmakers, ministers and presidential aides will collect N3.24bn as severance allowances


This is according to an investigation by The PUNCH. The severance allowances are contained in the Remuneration Package put together by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission. According to the package, Jonathan, who will
hand over on May 29, is entitled to 300% of his annual basic salary of N3.5m, and therefore his severance allowance will be N10.5m only, after May 29.

This allowance is apart from his other constitutional entitlements as a former president. Vice-President Sambo, is also entitled to 300% of his annual basic salary of N3m which puts his severance allowance at N9m. The about 76 senators who are not returning to the National Assembly, are also entitled to 300% of their annual basic salaries as severance allowances, This amounts to N6m per senator and N462m in all.

In the House of Representatives, about 290 members are not returning to the National Assembly. Each of them is entitled to N5.9m as severance allowance, N1.7b in all. The ministers will be collecting a total of N253.9m. There are only 42 ministers, 31 of which are senior ministers and 11 are ministers of state. Each of the senior ministers is entitled to N6m severance allowance while each of the ministers of state will receive N5.8m.

Collectively, the senior ministers will get N1884m, while collectively, the ministers of state will be collecting N65.5m. The aides to the President, Vice-president and the First Lady, comprising special advisers, senior special assistants and special assistants will get N775.2m. There are about 133 aides and each is to N5.8m……. one can’t but feel sorry for these ppl. How will they survive on such small amount? Some of their children may b dropping out of school soon……

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