3-day-old baby sold for 150k by mother and doctor rescued by the police


David Johnny was stolen in Akwa Ibom, with the support of his mother, Esther Johnny, and sold to a woman in Abuja. It was the phone call the woman who bought him made to the doctor who was in the police custody that enabled them to trace the baby. Esther
sold him through the doctor to the woman for N300k but got a share of 150k.

She said he was her 3rd child and she could not take care of all of her children and so she decided to sell little Johnny to Abuja….. David is said to b unhappy wt d rescue. He said if he had been sold to Dangote, dts how d police would av rescued him without first asking whether he wanted 2b rescued or not. He hopes such costly mistake by d police won’t repeat itself again….

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