Prophet standing trial at Ejigbo Magistrates’ court, Lagos State runs out during hearing


Destiny Onwudinjo, who was facing criminal trial suddenly jumped from the dock and ran out of the court. Prophet Onwudinjo was arrested for brutalizing an okada rider called Chika Izuogu for refusing to pay him N120k for deliverance prayer. The
incident happened at Olukosi Street, Shasha, Lagos where both of them reside.

Onwudinjo told Izuogu that he had a revelation from God that he, Onwudinjo, needed to embark on 7 days deliverance prayer so that Izuogu’s condition would improve for the better. He explained to him that the money he asked him to pay covered the fasting and other spiritual materials he would use for the deliverance. To convince Izuogu that the prayer will work after 7 days, he told him that Izuogu will receive a divine blessing from God as an unknown person will give him N3m he would use to start a new life and become rich.

Izuogu who seemed to be convinced told Onwudinjo that he would do the fasting by himself because he had no such amount to give him. This caused disagreement between them and in the process, Onwudinjo beat him up. He was charged to court with attempt to obtain money under false pretense and assault.

It was while in court that he bolted like Usain Bolt. The prosecutor, Mr Femi Adeleye, and some of the court officials ran after him and re-arrested him along the street…. he however reassured them dt he wasn’t trying to escape bt trying to urgently n “sharperly” fulfill d promise he made to God dt he’d run to Abuja if Buhari wins……

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