How 7 dogs attacked and almost killed a commercial bus driver in Lagos.


Saturday Akpomose, 45, escaped death by the whiskers at Ajah, Lagos State, after he was attacked by 7 dogs owned by a Navy Captain and were being taken out to ease themselves at a nearby uncompleted building. From his hospital bed he said: “My wife and
I went to visit my in-law on Sunday.

Later, on Tuesday morning, I just strolled out of the compound. As I stepped out, I saw a security man coming out with several dogs. They were very huge Alsatian dogs. I was terrified when I saw them and as I tried to go back in, they overpowered the man holding them. As I bent down to pick a stone and scare them away, they pounced on me and that was all I knew. They bit me in almost all parts of my body.

As I screamed, some residents came out and scared away the dogs with sticks and rushed me to the hospital. The Naval Captain has bought all the drugs they asked them to buy and asked me to be transferred to his own private hospital for proper medical attention.”…. bt d truth is dt I ate 2 plates of well peppered dog meat n washed it down wt a cold bottle of “Odeku” at a friend’s place a week before…..

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