Christian mom turns in her son who sexually assaulted a woman after recognizing him in surveillance photos.


DeShawn Isabelle, 15, sexually assaulted a 41-year-old on a train last Monday. He punched her in the head and then pulled her to the ground by her hair. He then put his hand inside the woman’s pants and sexually assaulted her before stealing her
$2,000 and iPhone. DeShawn’s mother forced him to turn himself in on Wednesday after she saw the surveillance photos released by police.

Isabelle, a middle school student, spent the money on junk food, his high school graduation costs, and Air Jordan jumpsuits. He is being held on a $1million bail for sexual assault and robbery….. he vows dt if God gives him d golden opportunity of coming to ds world again, he won’t even av a mother, talkless of a Christian mother…..

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