“We will discuss with Buhari when he becomes president,” South Africa snubs Jonathan. Mocks him over Chibok girls


South Africa faulted FG’s decision to recall its high commissioners following Xenophobic attacks in SA. Here is an excerpt from the official statement: “The South African Government takes note that the outgoing Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has recalled its Acting High Commissioner to South Africa. A
government resorts to such an extraordinary diplomatic step to express outrage at actions or behavior of another government.

We are not sure which actions or behavior of the South African Government the Nigerian Government is protesting. It is only Nigeria that has taken this unfortunate and regrettable step. If this action is based on the incidents of attacks on foreign nationals in some parts of our country, it would be curious for a sisterly country to want to exploit such a painful episode for whatever agenda. .

South Africa remains committed to a strong bond of friendship and bilateral relations with Nigeria. It is for this reason that when 84 of our citizens perished on Nigerian soil, we did not blame the Nigerian Government for the deaths and more than 9 months delay in the repatriation of the bodies of our fallen compatriots, or for the fact that when these bodies eventually returned, they were in a state that they could not be touched or viewed as required by our burial practice. .

We will raise our concerns through diplomatic channels with the new administration that will assume office in Nigeria next month. We shall also continue to support and not blame the Nigerian Government as it battles to deal with Boko Haram that continues to kill many innocent civilians. We hope that the more than 200 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram will someday be reunited with their families.”….. Nigerians r advised to, in their own best interest, start preparing for life after MTN, DSTV, Shoprite n other South African companies, as no amount of begging will make them stay in 9ja beyond ds week……

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