Salesgirl gets duped of N4m by Pastor who promised her marriage

Pastor Abel Aniude, 32, Assistant Pastor at Trimphant Kings Assembly, Enugu, was arrested for duping Ojiaku Chiamaka, 25. He wooed her on Facebook and promised her marriage. Using preparations for the marriage as a bait, he swindled her of
over N4m. The state Commissioner of Police said Abel and his younger brother, Tobias, serving a jail term for kidnapping and armed robbery were notorious for using Facebook to promise innocent women marriage and eventually dupe them.

Chiamaka, works as a salesgirl with her brother in Oyo State. She diverted proceeds from sales to meet the demands of Abel. In his confession, Abel said: “I have been a pastor for 5 years now. I had to send my wife and 2 kids away from my house when I told her that I wanted to marry a 2nd wife but she refused. I used part of the money to buy a car and build a bungalow in my village.”

In her own account, Chiamaka said: “He deceived me with marriage. In July 2014, he came to Ibadan and lodged in a hotel and after having sex with me, I gave him N300k ( for knacking me well ). Also in September, he came and after having sex with me, I gave him N700k ( for a job well done ). My family should forgive me. I was deceived.

I have learnt my lesson in a hard way” The G.O of Triumphant Kings Assembly, where Pastor Abel works, said: “I was doing counseling in my church, 4 years ago when Pastor Abel walked in and told me that he wanted to assist me in my ministry. Every Sunday service we always give him N3k. Suddenly, he brought a Honda Sport car and we celebrated it and asked him where he got it. Pastor Abel told me that it was one of those he prays for that gave him the car. The church rejoiced with him.”…. Abel warns d FG to shutdown Facebook or else he’d b tempted 2 commit d crime again as he needs to constantly fuel his car….

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