Nigerian woman kills cheating husband in the U.S


Temitope Adebamiro, 35, claimed her husband abused and cheated on her with several women including her sister and their nanny’s daughter. Adeyinka Adebamiro, 37, was found stabbed in their home early Thursday. The couple and their
two children and nanny had been living at the home for the past two years. They had been married for more than 10 years, during which time she said that he’d physically abused her, even while pregnant with their two children.

She also said her husband had sent her to Nigeria for several months. After returning in December, she had to stay in a hotel near the Philadelphia airport for 4 days because her husband refused to let her into their Red Lion home. He then paid for her to fly back to Nigeria for a few more months.

About this time, she learned that her husband had spent Christmas with the nanny’s daughter. She suggested that her husband stabbed himself. But autopsy said otherwise. The homicide was a single stab wound just below Yinka’s neck and it was 4 inches deep and severed his carotid artery and jugular vein. When police told Temitope that this was not a suicide, she began nodding her head in agreement….. but pleaded not to be jailed or deported to Nigeria……

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