Bruce Jenner’s transition into a woman: celebs share their views


Kim Kardashian’s stepfather is officially in his final face of becoming a woman. TV host, Wendy Williams has mocked him(er) for being the same fame whore as the rest of his family. Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, on her own part says: “The world is being brain washed daily, I feel so bad for the generations to come. At this rate my kids won’t be
watching very much TV! .

People are out there talking about he’s living his truth, THE TRUTH IS HE IS A MAN! WTH are you on about?! The world is definitely coming to an end! This Bruce Jenner BS? I can’t get with it, I’m sorry! Get ready to start seeing an excessive amount of ‘transgender’ people in your favourite TV shows/series etc! The manipulation continues! ‘Orange is The New Black”

Toke Makinwa in her post titled “don’t mock a pain you haven’t endured,” however says: “I dont know how I feel about the Bruce Jenner Interview. I remember doing a vlog about being open minded in the world today, and how open minded can one really get.

No one is perfect and we all have things we struggle to come to terms with but what message are we passing on to the generation to come, is it ok? Are we judgemental if we dont agree? how does it work, what of the people around him? Is it entirely in the mind? I don’t know about his pain but I know living a lie must be so much harder.

So for coming out, he is courageous cos we can’t judge someone cos they sin different from us. God doesnt make mistakes but I’m not God so what I’ll say is …May God heal the world we live in.”….. some of her fans say they hope Toke is nt trying to set a stage for her own transition into a man. She’ll look more handsome than rapper, Lynxx, if she does anyway……

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