Teen wife accused of cheating beaten severely, by her husband


Malawi Police has arrested John Yasini in Mchinji after he battered his 18 year old wife whom he suspected of cheating and she is now battling for her life at the district hospital. Who will win the battle is yet unknown. Linda Phulani, not Ikeji, was severely beaten with chains and
steel rods. She lost a lot of blood and will need blood transfusion and an operation on the wounds. Linda said she was beaten because she went to see her friend without her husband’s consent.

Since she got married in January, 2015, John hasn’t allowed her to visit friends. Last Thursday, she went to visit a neighbor, when she came back the husband accused her of going out with other men and beat her well well. Linda’s father Willy Phulani, said: “Our daughter eloped with the man without our consent and we have been hearing reports that she was in an abusive marriage. We sent relatives to check on her, but she assured them that she was fine.”


John will now be charged with unlawful wounding in court next week. He said: “I am a good person and have never committed any crime in my life I did not intend to harm my wife; it is the work of the devil. I wish her well, in fact am the one who took her to a local clinic in our area when I saw her injuries.”…..their friends say they’ll help them sort things out so as to continue wt d marriage for the sake of their unborn children….

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