Aggrieved girl finally releases prove that our dear Tonto Dikeh actually gave a bounced cheque.


She wasn’t going to go into this much details until Tonto took to her page to address the issue albeit, leaving out vital details. But all her efforts to become the hero and dawn her victim with a cloak of a villain is now in shambles as pearls has
released all the chat history that Tonto left out while tabling her case. .

Tonto asked her to post a picture of the bounced cheque knowing fully well that she didn’t give Pearl ( @pumpsberry ) the cheque in person but gave her, Tonto’s, assistant the cheque to cash and deposit in Pearls’ account…… Well meaning Nigerians av now vowed to grad Tonto on d floor to d International Criminal Court as EFCC can’t handle a matter of ds magnitude…….

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