Lilian Esoro dumps, Iyanya’s business partner, Ubi Franklin like a bad habit.


The rumor has been hush hush but it has now been categorically confirmed. Their engagement is up in flames and has broken down into two and each part further broken into many other pieces. Yeah, it’s that complicated. The first indication came when
she denied her engagement to Ubi a day after the proposal.

Reliable sources say that she was surprised by the sudden proposal because they were actually having issues at that point in time, and since it was public she couldn’t say no to it. She later denied being engaged on her personal Blackberry status but she was later prevailed upon to accept his proposal.

Later she accepted his offer to go to London, hoping things would work out between them, but the relationship said “nah nah nah” When she returned, she called off the engagement. Last week, she deleted her instagram page after she deleted all Ubi’s pictures. Days later, she opened a new Instagram account and uploaded pics but none of that of her imaginary fianc√© or her ring.

Ubi who has also been posting cryptic messages has been begging her. Many entertainment stakeholders have also intervened, but Lilian keeps saying “NAH”. The call off is strongly linked to a tag of “domestic violence” masterfully placed on Ubi’s head like GEJ’s Fedora hat….. pls lets all stop whatever we r doing at ds moment n pray dt they resolve it soon. Ds is a matter of national urgency…..

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