No no no no baby, no no no no don’t lieeee! Ubi Franklin, Iyanya’s business partner, calls Emma Nyra’s bluff after she swore they never dated.


In her recent interview with Golden Icons, former Made Men Music Group First Lady, Emma Nyra, said that she and Ubi were just business partners and never dated. To underscore her claim, she swore on camera. In a swift reaction, Ubi granted TheCableng a tell it
all interview. Here is an excerpt: “My biggest business advice to peers would be: ‘Don’t ever have any intimate relationship with a girl you are working with.’ I was dating Emma Nyra and the relationship didn’t go as I thought it should have gone.

That relationship made me cut off a lot of people. It also made me feel like everybody wanted the same ‘cake’ I was having. I spent a lot of time trying to beef people when I am not supposed to. It really dealt me a big blow. I decided in the end that it doesn’t make any sense and we both understood that and moved on. I will tell every guy and girl out there, don’t do anything that personal where you are working. Except one of you resigns. It always comes to no good.

I don’t think that I have spent as much money on Iyanya as I’ve spent on Emma Nyra. Emma has like 9 videos at about N3.5m each. I met my fiancée, Lilian, about 4 months after I had broken up with Emma. Immediately I saw her, I said ‘You are my wife’. .

She’s everything I can ever ask God for. She’s very brilliant, she can cook. She’s usually quiet and more reserved. She’s not one of those actresses who are just out there and all over the place. She’s very subtle with everything she does.”… all calls to heaven to find out who is lying 4rm God went unanswered bt an angel told us dt if Peter cld deny Jesus 3 times, who then is Ubi to Emma?……..

Here is the link to the video interview:

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