Innovative!!! Russian companies are now selling ads on women’s breasts!


Forget about expensive billboards, fliers that no one reads and annoying internet pop-up ads. At least 2 companies in Russia have come up with a more eye-catching place to advertise a brand: a woman’s breasts. Tittygram opened its doors earlier this year. Then
came TiTiSign, just this week. .

For less than $10 ( N1.9k ), a business can have its brand scrawled across a woman’s chest and breasts and published online. For both services, an advertiser submits a message of 35 characters or fewer and within an hour they receive a shareable link to their final product: a photo of a model displaying their message on her breasts.


Tittygram, has hired several models, who receive up to $100 ( N19k ) a day for their anonymous services…… they say they can’t hire models from Nigeria cuz most of their chests av been riddled wt stretch marks similar to d marks left behind by a mysterious thunder strike……

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