For being seen as wicked, neighbors ignore woman who fainted


The woman called Bukky is notorious for tormenting and preventing her neighbors from fetching water from a well in an uncompleted building they all reside in at Jakande Estate, Church Street, Isolo, Lagos. According to an eyewitness report, the well was dug by a
good Samaritan, but Bukky, being the first occupant of the building, lays claim of it. Continued effort to make her see reasons to allow them use the well keeps falling on deaf ears.

She always locks the well and even the police, to which a report has been filed, hasn’t taken any action. Lo and behold, this morning, they attempted to fetch from the well again and Bukky stood like the wall of Gibraltar to prevent them. This time around, a fight broke out. But then, she met her match in the form of an Igbo woman who pushed her out of the way.

Bukky fell down flat like the wall of Jericho. She stood up again to display the indomitable and “never say die” spirit of a true African, but alas! she fainted and fell again. Due to her wickedness, no one tried reviving her. They all continued fetching their water….. hoping dt she’ll wake up jst in time to witness d swearing ceremony of Gen Buhari come May 29……

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