This is how HKN boss, Davido and his driver beat singer cum comedian, MC Galaxy, up


On Wednesday night while we were here catching fun, sekem master, MC Galaxy was receiving a sekem stimulating beating inside the Lekki studio of Davido’s producer, Shizzi. It was a full house and everyone was having fun until MC Galaxy told B-Red that he was
more popular than him, a statement B-Red didn’t agree to, and an argument ensued. DeekayHkn, the Ghanaian HKN member, later joined in and took sides with B-Red by telling MC Galaxy that he is boring comedian.


MC Galaxy promptly replied him that he is an unknown artist in Nigeria. At this point, the boss himself, Davido came out and told MC Galaxy to leave as he wasn’t feeling the way his boys were being mocked by him right inside their lungu. Shocked, but before he could offer an explanation, MC Galaxy was hit by Davido. This was swiftly followed up by some blows from Lati, Davido’s lifelong driver, he capped it up by trying his luck to see whether Galaxy’s head could be used to break a bottle of Orijin.

As fate would have it, the bottle broke easily, to the admiration of everyone present. An upset Shizzi wasn’t happy with the sad event. And Kamal, Davido’s manager, has already called MC Galaxy to apologize for what happened…… MC Galaxy, succeeded in gaining a few weight due to his swollen eyes and swollen body parts as a result of the pounding he received. He plans to hit d gym soon to shed d weight……..

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