Their use of English is epileptic! Chief Judge advocates English language lessons for Nigerian lawyers


Justice Ishaq Bello, acting Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory High Court, stated this on Wednesday in Abuja.mHe said that it was becoming rather irritating for lawyers to appear before a judge and continuously mix up their tenses in
trying to present their cases. He observed that the declining standard of lawyers could be noticed in the quality of legal practice, where a lawyer stands from the bar saying “I didn’t did it” or “I saw them passes”. .

He urged the leadership of the NBA to do more to further encourage the continued education of lawyers, saying the trend was becoming quite irritating. “All lawyers must go through what is called Language Usage Course (LUC); all lawyers must be exposed to the dynamics of global evolving legal landscape.” .

Similarly, the Chief Judge of Borno, Justice Kashim Zanna, added that the continuous use of bad English by some lawyers in court was robbing off on all lawyers….. and unfortunately, they r among d many people who r in d habit of mocking d First Lady of a particular country in d world for not being able to speak good English. They shld kontinuu

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