Okafor narrates his experience with a witch yesternight. See his narrative


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Continuation from the picture above: “So based on packaging, I flew this broad out. I might as well complete the trips, my cab picks her up & takes her to Protea. My friend is the manager here , so he takes good care of her till I show up around 5pm.

Now I’ve closed work early that day, so I can rest up. Drank some malt and milk, eaten bananas, coz I know tonight is going to be real. I get to the hotel & we’re in the room , gist for a bit. Chat etc and she wants to go and shower. The next thing you know, i’m sleeping. Out cold. Knocked out.

I wake up around 2am & the first thing in my mind is fuck, fuck, fuck. Fam, what are you doing? I turn to look for her & she’s standing by the window. Naked, I want to say something but now because the room is deathly quiet , I can hear her murmuring.

I have no idea what the fuck she’s murmuring but its like she knows im awake, spins around looks directly at me. I want to say something, but my mind is telling me to shut the entire fuck up. She sits in the chair & watches me for a few minutes. Now i’m playing dead & I have no fucking idea why, but it seems like the thing to do.

All this time, I’m straight whispering Jesus,Jesus,Jesus & she’d stretch her hand towards me & flinch like she’d been burnt or something. After like 3/4 mins. She says, ” I know you’re awake. You’re lucky you spirit is strong”. That moment I say fuck this. I get up and bolt the fuck out. .

The craziest thing, I get home my mum bells me round 7am, asking me where I went to last night that the holy spirit woke her to pray. I’ve retired. The moral of all this. Thank your mums for prayers. Thank God for listening. I am officially retired & entering seminary. She is from Akwa Ibom.

I won’t lie. Man was shook last night, this one nor be issue of real nigga. On a level,this has taught me one thing. If you’re getting married, even if you nor sabi pray marry a woman that can. Any girl im dating now. We best be turning up in church. Lets see whether you sef dey transform…. he shld av still done it tho, after all “You Only Live Once”. Drake won’t b happy if he ever hears abt his cowardice…

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