Male Kim kardashian finally shows off his new nose, plans to get bigger ass


Make-up artist Jordan James Parke loves Kim Kardashian so much he’s shelled out ¬£150,000 ( N45m ) on procedures to look like her. He recently got another nose job to look like Kim’s own and showed off his new nose. Jordan began his Kardashian
transformation four years ago. He has had lip fillers to copy Kim’s glossy pout, cheek and chin fillers to define his jawline and approximate her bone structure and he’s had thick, exaggerated brows tattooed on his face.

“I love her bum, her bum’s amazing. She’s an inspiration. I’d like to go as big as her. I want to get liposuction on my stomach and back and they’ll put the fat back into your bum so you get two procedures in one and you get a big bum,” James said….. He is now looking for any girl who looks just like Kanye West to marry so as to make everything perfect…..


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