Shocking Vidoe!!!! The Magodo kids and the Orekoya kids were kidnapped by the same housemaid from OLX.


Last year, Raphael and Michael Esharegaran were kidnapped from their home in Magodo 4 days after their parents employed a nanny for them through OLX. The same woman who kidnapped and released them after a sum of N2.5m was
paid is the same woman who kidnapped the just released Orekoya boys. Her real name is Funmilayo Adeyemi, but claimed she bears Mary Adebiyi.

She was tracked down after an undisclosed amount of money was paid into a newly opened bank account in Oyo State by the Orekoyas for the release of their boys. Initially, all efforts to track her down proved abortive as she was sensing the police were after her. She later felt dropping the kids will get them off her back, when the heat became too much. She abandoned them at an uncompleted building around Akonwonjo, Egbeda in Lagos before escaping.

After withdrawing the sum of N400k from the ransom paid, Funmi was about to escape from her Cooker Estate home the following day, when the police accosted and arrested her. She confessed that the kidnap is a family business and was always planned by her husband and 4 kids, her brother-in-law and wife as well as her mother-in-law……. in a statement ds evening, d devil expressed shock n surprise dt he hasn’t been blamed for pushing them into doing it as is d usual practice in Nigeria……

Here is the link to the video:

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