Man high on “$5-dollar insanity” drug calls himself God, had sex with a poor tree without its consent


Police were called after Kenneth Crowder, 41, from Florida, was seen running naked through a neighborhood calling himself God and having sex with a beautiful, curvy and slim tree. Kenneth, believed to be high on Flakka, a designer drug stronger than
crystal meth, attacked a police officer after being shocked with a Taser twice while claiming he was God. Once ingested, Flakka causes a feeling of euphoria, hallucinations and sometimes psychosis or apparent superhuman strength.

Users have nicknamed the drug ‘$5 insanity’ because hits often cost less than $10. He is now facing charges of battery, assault with a deadly weapon on a law-enforcement officer and resisting with violence….. also, if DNA tests prove dt he is truly not God, he risks being jailed for misleading d public by claiming to b God because abt 31 sick Nigerians living in d area had already started crying on to him for healing b4 he was arrested……

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