Housemaid caught on camera breastfeeding the baby of her boss. ( video )


Grace Mwikali Mwema was caught Friday in Nairobi on a hidden CCTV camera after just 2 days of employment. She was seen offering the baby her right breast first. She then shifts the baby to the left breast. But throughout, the stubborn 9-month-old baby refused to

suck her breasts. Eventually, she gave up and let the baby play. What was insulting was the response she gave when confronted with the video. She claimed that the baby made the first move by touching her breasts.

The employer says she was stiff worried that her baby could have been infected. She quickly took Grace for a medical check-up. To her relief, she tested negative for HIV and Hepatitis, both of which can be transmitted through breastfeeding. The doctor confirmed that her motive was sexual. Grace, who is also a mother to a 3-year-old child, was arrested and is in police custody awaiting trial….. d little boy said what really helped him was his staunch resolve never to suck any breast other than dt of his mum n his future wife…..

See the video here:

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