6 countries have already refused to grant, Petroleum Minister, Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, asylum request


The Business Council for Africa (BCA) made the revelation in its just-released monthly report. The report notes that about $1 trillion is the latest estimated figure of the looting of the Nigerian treasury between 1960 and 2005 alone. It said the
notorious Minister, whose impunity is known to have been closely-protected by President Jonathan, will be coming under the microscope for the first time in her Ministerial career.

“Given her reputation, it comes as no surprise to learn that 6 countries have already refused to grant her asylum to live in their countries as she now wishes to leave Nigeria at the earliest possible opportunity,” the report said. BCA recalled President-elect, Buhari, lamenting that the rest of the world looks at Nigeria as the home of corruption, one where stealing is not corruption but a way of life, and that his administration will pursue all public offices and individuals who are believed to be guilty of corruption.

Alison-Madueke’s departure from Nigeria is likely to be followed by several other PDP elders, party members and supporters as well as some former Government officials, as Buhari’s anti-corruption drive will be far-reaching. The report also described the cost of the campaigns of the two main parties as “simply staggering”, noting that by the first week of March, Buhari had spent some N332.58b as compared to the expenditure of President Jonathan which amounted to N1.05 trillion.

“This is without taking into account the cost of other expenses for such items as campaign rallies, where the PDP had spent N1.06b against Buhari’s APC’s N595.08m, and clearly demonstrates the desperate lengths that the PDP have gone to in order to try and secure the re-election of President Jonathan,” the report said….. d president d Democratic Republic of Kirikiri is however willing to grant Mrs Diezani asylum in his country…..

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