Elderly Armenian woman waits 3 days to give her idol a bouquet of flowers and a hug


Kim Kardashian’s Queen-like status was confirmed on yesterday, when she accepted a sprig of lilac from an elderly fan who had waited 3 days to meet her. She waited 12 hours a day for the opportunity and seized it with great fervor. She wrapped
Kim in a warm embrace, planting a kiss on her cheek. Kim, Kanye and sister Khloe were on a visit to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide victims.


The woman also excitedly handed Kim a hand-plucked sprig of lilac and earnestly held her hand while speaking to her. Kim was very touched by the woman’s gestures and determination….. wt teary eyes, Kim said it reminded her of how a 99-year-old American woman waited for 52 days, last year, just to give d current Nigerian First Lady a hug wen she came to give a speech at d White House……

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