Twitter user gives account of how a pastor and his kids survived a tree fall


Charles Anekwe ( @CharlieAnekwe ) witnessed the event, and gave his account thus: “I will never doubt people who go to church or count on God anymore. Yesterday I witnessed a miracle. We were drinking in front of my street when the
heavy gusts of wind came with rain.. A man (who we later found out was a pastor) drove up with his kids and parked to buy treats for them. The kids started complaining about being left in the car.


And with the rain coming, he was like – sure, you can come down from the car. They did. And joined us while we waited out the rain. Less than 5mins later… Brethren… A tree fell on the car. We are still helping my neighbors clear our street. The man’s kids would have been crushed instantly. Whatever told him to let the kids out of the car is the God I now serve from today.”…… d pastor has now moved ds Sunday’s church service to National Stadium Abuja as his present auditorium won’t b able to accommodate d crowd d miracle is currently pulling…..

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