While rushing to work, train kills architect as police refused to render help


The tragedy struck yesterday at Cappa, Oshodi, Lagos State around 7a.m. Smith, 32, was hit by a train while crossing the rail tracks. Eyewitnesses say, Smith, a devout Muslim, popularly called Alfa, could have been saved if help had come his way on time. His wife only
recently had a baby.

As he approached the tracks, an area boy wanted to grab him and stop him from crossing, but he thought he wanted to rob him and forcefully pulled himself away. By the time he realized the danger he was in, it was too late. He tried to turn back, but the train hit his right leg and slammed against his body. After the incidence, he was still breathing, but in dire need of medical help.

People kept calling the emergency lines, but they just said they were coming. Policemen around the area did not also make any effort to save him. It was around 10am, 3 hours after the incidence, that his remains were removed by an ambulance….. May his soul R.I.P……

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