For 3 days, thief clings on to the side of building to avoid arrest. See the real reason why


He said he did it because he didn’t want to be arrested and bring shame to his elderly mother. He was spotted trying to steal power cables in a hotel at Shenzhen, China. He then climbed up the outside of the 4th floor and stayed there for 70 hours. The police and
rescue services stayed around the clock to try and talk him down but he refused to budge.

During the stand-off he refused all food and water as a large contingent of local media gathered to film the stand-off. He then broke down, saying he was worried his actions would have embarrassed his 70-year-old mother. After 70 hours on the side of the hotel, he gave up and climbed back into the building before being arrested…… he eventually managed to bring shame to his mother, bt d woman wasn’t at home to receive it…….

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