“She snatched my dad from my mum, now she has snatched my husband too,” Woman cries out


Jacqui Lowe has been left devastated after a stripper who made off with her dad from her mum, eventually snatched her own husband. Her first heartbreak came more than 20 years ago when her father George left Irene, his wife of 30 years and Jacqui’s mum, for
stripper Vici Lorimer. But Jacqui and her step-mum, Vici, forgot their differences and consoled each other in their grief when George, her dad, died of lung cancer in 2012.


But now Jacqui, 49, says that Vici, 43, has wrecked her life for a second time, by stealing her husband Charles. Jacqui said: “I can’t believe she could do this to me. It was bad enough when she tore my family apart in 1994. My mum never got over her taking my dad away. But for Dad’s sake, once I knew their relationship was serious, I allowed Vici in. Now she has repaid me like this. She is an evil piece of work. This has completely ripped my heart out. Why can’t she find a man of her own, a man who doesn’t have a wife?”…… d gods were yet to answer her “question for d gods” as of d time of filing in ds report. More details later……

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