Happy Penis Festival to you all. ( Photos from Japan)


Today is Kanamara Matsuri or, Japan’s Penis Festival. It takes place on the first Sunday of April every year and there are many penis statue on display now. The festival dates back to a Japanese myth involving a demon and a young woman. It’s said that the
demon tried to woo the woman but when she refused its advances, it figured that if it can’t have her, no man would.

It then took over her vagina and gave it sharp teeth. The woman tried to move on her with life, get married and start a family. When her first 2 fiancées tried to have sex with her, the demon bit off their penises. She then went to a local blacksmith who came up with a plan. He was going to de-teeth her vagina with a steel penis.


She then inserted the steel penis into her vagina and when the demon went to bite down on the steel phallus, it shattered its teeth. As a result, the demon fled and left the young woman. The tradition carries over to celebrate the demon’s banishment with 3 penis altars called Mikoshi. The altars are carried down a route to a special temple. The Kanayama shrine has a special significance in the festival’s history.

It’s said that prostitutes would gather outside the shrine to pray for good business and protection from diseases while they went to work. Today, the shrine and the festival is focused on gathering money and awareness for HIV/ AIDS research….. d demon is now planning to permanently relocate to Nigeria to possess few girls……

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