CNN reports that Nairobi is in Nigeria as Al-Shahab Islamic sect kill 147 students in Kenya university


Members of Somali Islamic sect, Al-Shabab, forced their way into Kenyan’s Garissa University College very early yesterday morning and cut short the lives of students and staff. Of the 815 students in the college, 500 were rescued, 147 were killed and
the rest,166, are still missing and believed to have been taken hostage.

4 of the terrorists were reportedly killed by security forces. The man suspected to have led the attack, Mohamed Mohamud, has been declared wanted with KSHS 20million bounty on his head. However, while reporting the incidence, CNN claimed that Nairobi, which is the capital of Kenya, is a state in Nigeria….. Nigerians living in USA av threatened to leave d country if CNN doesn’t tender an apology b4 Sunday…….


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