Apostle Johnson Suleiman delivers flesh eater during his crusade


Yesterday, during a crusade at surulere in Lagos State, Johnson made an altar call for witches and wizards. Some of them came out, including a young boy. He owned up to being a veteran wizard who has destroyed his family, caged his elder sister and even

used his siblings’ stars to play football at an Olympic standard stadium in their coven.

He also gave details of how he has initiated many people and spiritually damages any girls he beds with the evil power in his penis. The apostle said God showed him that the flesh eater had just returned from a mission where he caused an accident and claimed many lives.


The apostle shouted fire when it was time to deliver him and he couldn’t stand it, he fell and started undressing himself as if preparing for another hot quickie. He was holding his penis while shouting that he couldn’t resist the fire of God.

The congregation went into raptures when he vomited a blood covered substance, oozing drops of blood. In the end he was successfully delivered…. he will now b charged to court for being a cannibal and causing d death of many ppl……

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