True test of love: Man’s current girlfriend and ex-girlfriend both jump into river to see who he’ll save


Wu Hsia, 21, broke up with Jun Tang, 20, after meeting new girlfriend, Rong Tsao, 22. But Jun could not accept that it was over and continued to harass him. Eventually he agreed to meet with Jun to make it clear where his loyalties lie. But
when they got to the river, in Ningbo, China, the situation went haywire as the girls began arguing and Jun felt insulted by a comment made by Rong and so she jumped into the river calling for Wu to save her.


Rong, fearing that he might indeed jump in to save Jun, then jumped in as well and both of them started calling for him to rescue them from drowning. Wu settled the matter by jumping in the water to save Rong. He called his brother on the way home and told him to go to the river and rescue Jun.


The story has gone viral in China, where there is a chronic shortage of women due to the country’s one child policy with parents preferring male babies. As a result, there is a surplus of millions of single men who will never see a woman to marry…. after being rescued Jun started singing: “I’m in love with his coco. I got it for the low, low.”……

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