National Think Tank Group’s survey tips Buhari to win GEJ


The survey was made available by Dr. Peter Orji and it gave Buhari/APC an estimated votes of 15.4m and President Jonathan, 11m. The researchers stated that they arrived at the figures after “a careful study of
the demographics of Nigeria voting patterns, based on an unbiased analysis of how voters shall cast their votes.” The survey summed up the distribution of the votes across the zones thus:

“North-Central, PDP, 1.73million, APC, 1.86million. North-East, PDP, 1.3million, APC, 2.55million. North- West, PDP 2.15million, APC, 5.65million. South-East, PDP 1.65million, APC, 650,000. South-South, PDP, 2.2million APC, 1.7million. South- West, PDP, 2million, APC, 2.9million.

FCT, PDP, 150,000, APC, 200,000. In summary, the survey revealed that, “the margin of victory for Buhari is a staggering 4.4million votes and it is impossible for President Jonathan to close such a margin.”….. God pls do something to help GEJ win cuz 99% of Nigerians want him to KONTINU……..

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