Woman, still married, takes a 2nd husband strictly to satisfy her in bed


Puseletso Motselebane, a 44-year-old mother of 4 from South Africa did so because her husband, Petrus Moshawa, 51, could no longer satisfy her in bed. She said: “After 15 years of marriage I love my husband as much as I ever did, but I
needed more action in the bedroom than he could provide.

People told me it was a bad thing and called me names, but I believe this is better than cheating. Because of some chronic disease he couldn’t satisfy me in bed. I felt guilty about my boyfriend so I decided to tell Petrus about Kagiso. At first Petrus was not happy about it, but in the end he understood.

We are all living together in an RDP house in Khotsong kasi, Bothaville, Free State. I have 3 children with Petrus and one with Kagiso. Kagiso is unemployed and Petrus gets a disability grant from government and works as a full-time gardener.”

Petrus said: “Although I have become the laughing stock, I have to accept things the way they are for the sake of my kids. I won’t comment on our sex life, but as long as my wife is happy I am satisfied.”

Kagiso, said: “When we first met I didn’t know she was married. She told me she had spoken to her husband and he didn’t have a problem with me moving in. I didn’t have a problem either, so I moved in. I’m a happy man.”….. ds is why it’s good to marry ur soulmate. We shld all learn 4rm ds…..

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