Woman with 14.6kg breasts is now looking for love


Kristy Love manages to carry her breasts, equalling the weight of a small child, everyday and now she is looking for someone to share them with. Kristy used to be ashamed of her breasts, but since she developed a career as a massage therapist, and introduced her
bosoms into her very saucy repertoire, she’s embraced them wholeheartedly.

She now makes an much as N292k daily, treating clients to the ‘Happy Man Works’, which involves ‘squishing’ and ‘smothering’ them with her breasts. Some clients even enjoy ‘being hit over the head’ with them, or have her glide over their bodies covered in oil.


Her cleavage is so deep that she uses it in absence of a handbag, wedging her perfume, cell phone, car keys and driving licence between her breasts. She passionately stated: “I’m looking for true love. Someone who I love, and who loves me. My boobies do not need to be alone, it’s time for them to find a man.”……. Now playing “you are not alone” by Michael Jackson…..

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