Are you fertile enough? This woman is looking for man to impregnate her asap.


Lena Komleva, 29, from Chelyabinsk, Russia has posted an advert on social media to find a man to get her pregnant after she got fed up with her mother nagging her about not having children. She stuck the ‘Leave Your Trace In Me’ advert on
her Vkontakt page (the Russian equivalent of Facebook) saying: “On the eve of my 29th birthday I announce a contest.

My mother needs grandchildren to give them all the baby clothes she has been collecting. But nobody wants to marry me yet. So, if you are young, strong and healthy drop me a line. My mother will be in charge of selecting the candidates and announcing the winner. She knows what I need.” Elena added that: “There is nothing for me to be ashamed of.


I was in love once, but I was also unhappy. I am hoping to find a husband, but if I only find a biological father that’s ok. At least it will stop my mum going on at me.” She says she is now sorting through the applicants and shortlisting them with her mother….. wld av said u guys shld submit a late application, bt unfortunately she doesn’t av a hot body…..

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