F*ck with me you know I gat it: Dog kicked by driver returns with a pack of friends to trash driver’s car.


One driver in China paid the price for ignoring the advice that one should let sleeping dogs lie. He drove back to his home in Chongqing to find a stray dog lying in his favourite parking spot, so he got out and kicked it. However, as far as
the dog was concerned, that was not the end of the matter.

It returned later on with some of its pals and proceeded to exact its revenge by chewing the bodywork and windscreen wipers of the car belonging to his attacker. The vandalism was photographed by a startled neighbor


The driver was shown the next morning as evidence that a series of dents and marks on his car were caused by a pack of hounds…. Calabar and Ondo people staying close to d driver’s house av promised to ensure dt d dogs find their way into their pot of soup b4 d week runs out as a sign of solidarity….

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